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IELTS General training

General training IELTS is required for all English speaking countries for all English speaking countries for those who are looking for immigration and employment, the IELTS general training version is used if any one wants to work in Canada, The USA, Ireland, The UK, New Zealand and Australia etc. The IELTS general training measure English language proficiency in a practical and daily context .The tasks and tests could be related to both workplace and social situations.

Test format:-

IELTS general training can only be taken in an examination centre on paper or on computer. There are four modules in test.

  • IELTS Reading
  • IELTS Writing
  • IELTS Speaking
  • IELTS Listening

What’s in the IELTS general training Reading paper?

The reading part includes three sections and each section contains two or three short texts or several shorter texts and it can be one long text or passage.

Section (1): This section deal with everyday topics and can be related to any English speaking country such as about their life style, culture and history. For this type of passage you need to pick out important information. We (Asta Achiever) will help students and gives some tips and tricks to complete this section.

Section (2): This section focuses on topics related work place, job descriptions etc.

Section (3): This section mostly deals with a topic of general interest and this part can be more longer and complex than the other section. In addition, this part mostly related to latest topics, any magazine article, and from some books and online resources.

We (Asta Achiever) have expert trainers who will definitely help test takers and clear your all doubts. Moreover, students will need to transfer your answers to an answer sheet during the one hour that is given for Reading test. Students should be careful about incorrect spelling and grammar mistakes.

IELTS General training Writing paper:

There are two writing tasks and both must be completed. In task 1, students have to write a letter according to information given in task. In this task, there are mainly three types of letter: Formal letter, semi-formal and Informal. Test takers need to write at least 150 words in about 20 minutes.

In task 2, you have to write an essay according to topic. It can be a part of view, argument or problem type essay and you need to discuss about that topic. To get desirable band in writing part, it is mandatory to follow specific structure, good lexical sources and collocations. we(Asta Achievers) are here to help students in writing part as we have expert teachers for writing who will teach you specific structure of writing part.

IELTS general training listening paper:

Listening part consists of 4 sections: section1 and section 2 deals with everyday and social situations. For instance, conversation about travel or any arrangement. But mostly in part 2 only one person speaks. Section 3 and section4 deals with educational and training situations. For example, two University students discuss about work shop and presentation. In Listening part, you will hear the recording once only and will need to transfer your answers to an answer sheet. You will get 10 minutes at the end of the test to do this. Be careful about grammatical mistakes. Our experts help you to solve this modules and specific tips and tricks will be provided to complete this task.

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