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Why Canada?

Canada is the best options in terms of the visa process and other facilities, such as education, medical facilities and citizenship. On the other hand, it has a very transparent system and even candidates can keep an eye on the process.

  • You can enjoy the same rights as any Canadian enjoys.
  • Your family (spouse and children) can also apply at the same time for the same status.
  • Cost of education for you and your family member will be the same as any Canadian.

Canada Immigration Process

Canada, the first choice for skilled workers, is calling people on the behalf of their Age, Qualification, Working Experience and English Skills. All these factors are considered and on the point base system, candidate obtains ITA (Invitation To Apply).

CANADIAN Permanent Residence (PR) Visa

The Canadian government introduced a fast-track Express Entry immigration program in 2015, and many people are migrating for better life and opportunities, as Canada is the best place because of its education, medical, and primary facilities. The process is considerably simpler, and applications will be processed at a faster pace.

 According to the new visa rules, most of the occupations are being included, and it is easier now to fulfil the requirements. It has been announced that applicants will be picked on behalf of points.

 After creating a profile, the applicant will be selected from a pool. If an applicant has a confirmed job letter from a Canadian Employer or a nomination from any of the Provinces under Provincial Nomination Programs, ITA will be issued to the applicant immediately.

Canadian Point System

67 is the basic point requirement to apply for the Canada Federal Skilled Worker program.

18-35 12
36 11
1 Year9
2-3 Years11
4-5 Years13
6 or more years15
Master’s Degree23
Two or more Bachelor degrees 22
Bachelor of 3 years or longer21
2 years diploma (after 12th)19
Adaptability Points 
Partner language (4 each)5
Study in Canada5
Partner Study in Canada5
Work in Canada10
Partner work in Canada5
Arranged employment in Canada5
Relatives in Canada5
Points s w r l
6 Each 7 7 7 8
5 Each 6.5 6.5 6.5 7.5
4 Each 6 6 6 6

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