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English spoken classes in Asta Achievers academy:

It is often observed that English is not only a language but also an effective step to make a great career. ASTA ACHIEVERS ACADEMY is the best institute to learn fluent and impressive English. Our academy is one of the best academies in Gurugram. This course will help you to become both smarter and successful.
Join our English spoken classes in Gurugram to get your dream job and make a great career. Our internationally designed courses provide you such skills that help to gain success in the future. English is also a lifestyle changer. In order to make spoken English easy, we provide courses to the beginner, intermediate and advanced level according to the requirements of the learner.

Asta Achievers academy – your dream our mission:
Our main motto is to fulfill your dream. Talents need a place to go and we warmly welcome everyone to join our academy. Our teaching techniques are result oriented and our internationally designed courses help you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. If you want to improve your English skills, you can fill ourinquiryy form and our counselors will give you information about class timing, course details, and fee structure.

Who this is for:
Basic grammar:
•     Working professionals
•     Business owner
•     Students
•     Housewife
•     Need English for professional
•     Need English for social success
Intermediate level:
•     Business executives
•     Business owners
•     Working professionals
•     Professionally qualified trainees
Advance level:
•     Senior management executives
•     Professionals
•     Business owners
•     Corporate leaders

Benefits of english skills:

  • It is often seen that a business requires employees who have good English communication skills and can speak English fluently. If anyone has good English communication skills, he or she can easily convince the client.
  • Higher salaries are provided on the basis of good English skills. Hence, those students who have good communication skills are able to get a good salary package.
  • For some extent, it is true that such individuals, who speak fluent English and have good command on the English language, get more respect as compared to others.
  • Nowadays mostly research in technology, humanities, and science is done in English. Therefore, English speakers always have more opportunities and get more knowledge as compared to others.
  • The most common language all around the world is English. If you have a good command over the English language, you can easily travel all around the world and get knowledge globally.
  • English Knowledge is like power and power can be used to fight for ourselves. Today’s era communication tools and knowledge work in English.
  • Parent’s behavior and language always keep the impression on their children. Those parents who have good command in English communication skills, their children always communicate fluently in English.
  • Those students who are planning for higher education have to go through the IELTS test that is based on English. Hence, if any student is planning to go abroad for his or her higher education, he or she has to go through the English test.

Why Asta Achievers for english spoken skills:

  • ASTA ACHIEVERS is the best academy for IELTS Preparation and our trainer discover students existing preparedness for such tests through diagnostic tests and the participants are first not only taken through diagnostic tests but also provided free demo class.
  • Our trainers are not only highly qualified and but also they have a unique methodology and their ways of teaching help students to achieve good communication skills.
  • Our online classes are quite impressive as lots of students, as well as professionals, do not have enough time to attend classroom training so they can join online classes.
  • Weekly workshops on the modules of speaking and writing by the experts.
  • The English spoken courses are customized on the basis of student’s requirements and if the requirement is more, you can choose the long version of training.
  • We provide training in both formats online training and classroom training.

Asta Achievers guidelines for effective writing skills:

•     Use plain English
•     Know your reader or audience
•     Be brief
•     Use paragraph breaks
•     Avoid jargons
•     Be clear
•     Be specific
•     Use appropriate grammatical structure
•     Use graph and chart as aids
•     Produce your writing effectively
•     Use correct pronunciation
•     Avoid slang, idioms, use common works
•     Write the date appropriately
•     Proofed carefully
•     Avoid sexist and racist words
•     Use transitional element
•     Use terminology or technical words carefully
•     Keep short sentences and paragraphs

Asta Achievers business english:

Enroll in our exciting new Business English Success program if you are interested in learning English specifically focused on the business environment. This specialized course is for intermediate level students and serves as an introductory program to our professional certificate in Business and management (PCBM).

Benefits of our program:

  • Specialized curriculum for the intermediate level English learner
  •  Authentic business reading and material to practice skills learned
  • Strong emphasis on professional speaking skills
  • Qualified teachers with professional experience in the business world

Business english students will perfect

  • Business vocabulary for office situations
  • Writing and delivering the business presentation
  • Formal and informal business language
  • Professional networking and making a good impression
  • Phone and email etiquette
  • Industry-specific vocabulary

Asta Achievers life skills for teens:

The life skills workshop will guide teens through mock interviews. Team building exercise, social etiquette, and several other activities to help empower. Prepare and inspire youth to venture out into the real world.
Course Contents:
•     Communication skills
•     Life skills
•     Dealing with your emotions
•     Keeping calm
•     Stress management
•     Body language and non-verbal communication
•     Social skills

Asta Achievers methodology:
We use integrated language Teaching. This means 30% of the course comprised of facilitator based discussion while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience.

Asta Achievers english spoken course key features:

  • Basic English Course
  • Intermediate Level Course
  • Advance Level Course

Basic english course:
This course is really helpful for the basic learners and in this program, basic grammar and, rules are taught step by step process that really helps to understand English communication skills. Our academy is the right place for this program.

Basic grammar course contents:
Grammer and vocabulary:

  • Tenses
  • Modals Verbs
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Punctuations
  • Idioms
  • Phrases And Proverbs
  • Composition And Comprehension
  • Punctuations

Basic grammar teaching methodology:
Group discussions, daily use sentences, listening exercise, role plays, reading the newspaper, video lessons, writing exercise, paragraph reading

Intermediate level course:
Our academy is one of the best academies in Gurugram to provide medium level English. Our institute is the best place for you if you want to acquire spoken English fluency, a well-spoken accent, and superior communication skills.

Intermediate level course contents:

  • Personality Development
  • Voice And Accent Training
  • Business Communication

Personality development:
•     Confidence presentation skills
•     Interview preparation
•     Dress code and body language
•     Public speaking
•     Personality development training online

Voice and accent training:
•     Correct pronunciation
•     Accent Neutralization
•     MTI removal

Business communication:
•     Speaking with clients
•     Writing skills
•     Email writing
•     Business correspondence
•     Speaking with customers during the meeting

Intermediate level teaching methodology:
Case studies, role plays, group discussions, listening exercise, writing exercise, graph, and map presentation, reading exercise

Advance English And Corporate Communication Course:
This program is mainly for business owners and professionals who want to acquire extra skills and want to make impressive communication skills in English.

Advance level course contents:
•     Telephone etiquettes
•     Public speaking skills
•     Business etiquettes
•     Presentation skills
•     Report writing

Advance level training methodology:
Conjunctional sentences, conditional sentences, listening exercise, case studies, interactive learning, mock tests, writing exercise,

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