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How to search and select the best college or university at the best destination around the globe for study

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Let’s Start with by selecting the college or university:

Students should firstly summarize their important information from the mandatory documents like- Qualification, Percentage, Stream, Subjects, Experience. As these factors are importantly required to segregate the options and to get help in shortlisting the colleges and universities. Keeping in mind the budget and the amenities one is getting after taking the admission there are certain extra requirements of some colleges and universities which the student should complete before taking admission some of which are ENGLISH PROFICIENCY, GRE, GMAT, TRANSCRIPTS, BACKLOG OR NO-BACKLOG CERTIFICATE, LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, STATEMENT OF PURPOSE, EXPERIENCE DOCUMENTS. Some of the colleges and universities also ask for notarized marksheets or transcripts. By comparing these or checking these will help you ease at finding a best institution- Tuition fees,Scholarships, Living Expenses of the area or country, Stay over time in the country, Post study work visa is available or not, Course Duration, Placement, So keeping all in mind will help you to select the best university and college for yourself.

Now if we talk about selecting the best destination to study in, There are multiple factors which will help you to choose the worthy and best destination few of the factors are as follows:

  • Weather
  • Part time Earnings and Full time Earnings
  • Country Benefits and Student benefits Health Insurance
  • Visa Success Rate
  • Placement opportunities
  • Post Study Work Visa
  • Permanent Residency
  • Spouse case Acceptable or Not
  • Dependent case Acceptable or Not

If you will keep everything in mind and compare then the best destination is easy to choose.

We at Asta help students to choose the best study destination and the best university or college as per their profiles.

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Currently Visa Success rate:

Canada – 70%

UK – 98%

Australia- 80%

Germany – 94% 

New Zealand – 96%

Health Insurance

Most of the countries provide health benefits to the individuals who are traveling and staying in the country.

Permanent Residency:

Australia – Yes 

Canada – Yes

Germany – Yes

UK – Yes

New zealand – Yes

Every Country has their own method of giving permanent residency. It is false that countries don’t give PR, Countries are just rigid in their pattern of giving PR.

Post Study Work Visa

Every country after studying provide post study work visa

Australia – Yes

Canada – Yes

Germany – Yes

UK – Yes

New zealand – Yes

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