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About Asta Achievers :

Asta Achievers is the top and leading training organization in Gurgaon that help thousands of students with ielts training and service.

Asta Achievers is a leading training institute that assists ielts learners with specialized training and coaching for ielts. Our classes for ielts in Gurgaon give students the level of english and test skills that they need during the exam.

Why Asta Achievers for test preparation:

  • Our trainers are not only highly qualified and but also they have a unique methodology and their ways of teaching help students to achieve their target score.
  •  Students are first taken through diagnostic tests and then analyze their requirements that take students a path of success.
  • To achieve a high score in the ielts test, the strategies and tips are provided to ielts learners and these are entirely unique that help to achieve a good score in the exam.
  • Asta Achievers academy is india’s best institution in preparation of standardized tests like ielts.

Asta Achievers standardized IELTS tests preparation:

Asta Achievers are the best academy for ielts preparation and our trainer discover students existing preparedness for such tests through diagnostic tests and the participants are first not only taken through diagnostic tests but also provided free demo class.

  •  We provide training in both formats online training and classroom training. Ielts tests have standard question types and each type has unique tips and tricks. Moreover, through activity based and lecture-based classes with short practice assignments.
  • The participants have explained question types in detail during the training and develop their basic understanding of solving the different type questions. Every weekend they are provided with mock tests and their week area is improved on the basis of their result.
  • Although 20 practice tests and 8 mock tests are sufficient for preparation yet if students think that their requirement is more, they are provided by another 10 practice and 7 mocks tests to improve the score.
  • The courses are customized on the basis of students requirements means if the requirement is more, more sessions are provided. If ielts learner who has pre-booked or test date is imminent, such test takers have an option of choosing a shorter version of training that are 24 sessions or 16 sessions. If the requirement is more, they can choose a long version of training: 32 sessions or more.
  • Weekly workshops by the experts on the modules of speaking and writing.
  • Our online classes are quite impressive as lots of test takers do not have enough time to attend classroom training so they can join online classes.

Asta Achievers IELTS course key features:

Asta Achievers academy is a valued partner for idp, british council and pearson and provides genuine study material by such test conducting institutions. Our training techniques help the participant to achieve an 8+ band in IELTS exam. Our training key features are as follows:

  • Our classes are limited in size that rise Asta Achievers academy standard means never more than 7 students.
  • Asta conducts weekly workshops by the experts for speaking and writing modules.
  • Counselors at Asta Achievers academy help participants for both to choose the right course according to their further overseas requirements and classes timings options.
  • Our trainers are highly qualified from overseas universities.
  • Weekly mock tests and authentic study material help the test takers to achieve the desirable scores.
  • The comprehensive practice material and genuine study material help students to achieve desirable scores.
  • It is often seen that most test takers face a huge challenge in the writing section and our unique tips and tricks help to score 7 or 8 bands.

Ielts preparation by Best ielts coaching in gurgaon :Asta Achiever

The international English language testing system (IELTS) is a widely accepted English language proficiency which is required for migration and for academic education. More than 9000 global institutes accept this test.

There are three different categories of ielts.

  • Academic
  • General training
  • Life skills

It depends upon requirement from the institution that the candidate needs to apply for which test. The institutes generally specify the type of test which they require from the candidate to complete.

Ielts academic:

Most australian and european universities require the ielts academic certificate because it is based more on british and australian english. Many universities in the u.S. Are also accepting this test certificate as evidence of competence in english, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Universities and colleges have different score requirements, with higher scores required for the reading and writing sections of the ielts academic test in particular. Universities typically require an overall band score of 6.0-6.5, although some top european institutions may expect a band score of 7.0 at the undergraduate level and over 7.5 for graduates.

In the ielts 9-band grading system, a score of 1.0 indicates non-speakers of the language, whilst band 9.0 means an expert level of competence. A score of 6.0, therefore, indicates a ‘competent user’, who generally has effective command of the english language, while a band score of 7.0 is evidence of a good command of english in complex and detailed language contexts.

Ielts general training:

This test is accepted at high-schools and for visa and employment purposes. You should choose the general training ielts as proof of your language competence and general communication skills if you wish to immigrate to an english-speaking country. You should also take this ielts version if you intend to undertake secondary education (high-school) in an english-speaking environment. Ielts general training is required as a condition for permanent residency by governments in more countries than any other english language test. The ielts certificate is accepted for visa and employment purposes in countries such as the uk, ireland, australia, canada, and new zealand.

Ielts life skills: this test is accepted by the uk government for visa and immigration purposes. The ielts life skills is a new type of test introduced and approved by the uk government for visas and immigration (ukvi) purposes. The new test has been designed to meet specific immigration requirements. You will need to demonstrate only appropriate speaking and listening skills during the test. Ielts life skills is available at two levels, corresponding to levels a1 and b1 of the common european framework of reference (cefr).

Before you register for your test, you should check the english language requirements for your visa category. The british government requires ielts life skills a1 if you are applying for a uk visas and immigration family, spouse or partner visa. You should take the ielts life skills b1 to obtain a citizenship/residence visa. The test is available at ukvi-approved locations throughout the world.

Key reasons to take ielts test

The popularity of the ielts test is undeniable nowadays. Multitudes of people from different non-english speaking countries have already taken or have been preparing for this exam. Though ielts is said to be a challenging test, the number of candidates keeps growing. Are you one of the over 2 million ielts candidates who has taken the test each year?

1. It's coverage

Ielts is the world’s most popular english test with over 2 million ielts tests taken every year, accepted by over 9 thousand organizations in 140 countries for education, employment and immigration purposes.

2. Good english evaluation

The ielts test assesses all of your english language skills in less than 3 hours. While other tests focus on reading and listening comprehension skills with an added writing component, ielts is different. Ielts not only tests your passive skills but also your speaking through a live conversation with an ielts examiner. This 15-minute portion of the test adds credibility to the holder of the ielts certificate. It tells organizations how well you can use your english skills in real-world situations.

3. A test that is fairer to you

The ielts test is the only english exam where your speaking test is face-to-face with an examiner in a private room which means no computers, no distractions, and no interruptions.

4. A better format

With ielts, you can answer questions within the writing test or within the reading test in the order that suits you. You can also change your reading answers during the reading test and adjust your writing responses during the writing test.

5. Specific scores requested by schools and companies in the world

When a school, company or organization requests the ielts test as a requirement for any application process, a minimum score that you need to apply is commonly requested. The ielts’s global recognition system would tell you which organizations accept ielts and the minimum results required by them.

6. Two kinds of test to choose from

There are two kinds or ‘modules’ to the ielts examination. The academic module is suitable for students wishing to complete academic study at degree level in an english-speaking country. General training module is more suited to people wishing to migrate to an english-speaking country like australia.  It is also suitable for students who wish to study at in courses taught at the diploma level only.

7.Researched and unbiased content

The ielts test content is developed by an international expert team and researched extensively to ensure the test is fair and unbiased for any candidate regardless of nationality, location, gender, background or lifestyle.

8. Regular testing

Though test dates vary by test locations, ielts tests are held four times a month.

9. Being motivated to study harder

That is because you will have a clear goal. Unless you have clear aims and objectives, it is easy to put off studying for another day. Taking the ielts test motivates you to study hard and skill up your english.

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