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How to ace your IELTS Reading Test

November 21, 2023BY Asta Achievers

How to ace your IELTS Reading Test

How to Ace Your IELTS Reading Test - Asta Achievers

IELTS test consist of 4 parts i.e. Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking.

The time duration of reading section is minutes and it includes 3-4 reading passages. First passage is simple but the level of difficulty increasing from one to the next passage. To evaluate your reading skills, the test includes overall 40 questions which include reading for details, reading for gist, understanding arguments and reading for main ideas.  

Important thing in this section is time management as the candidate may find it tricky when they encounter with new words and then they search for the answers through the lengthy texts.

Following are some tips to lead the reading section with good score:

Master the types of questions

In total, there are approximate 14 types of questions and each set of question have a trick to tackle it.

Most of the candidates confuse with true, false and Not Given category as you have to categorize whether the statement match, oppose or is not given in the text. This type of questions will evaluate whether you are able to look for the meaning and how good you are in paraphrasing.

Time management 

Time management is the most important thing for the reading section. The candidate who is aware of this and had practiced accordingly will surely get the advantage. Practice is the best source to manage this challenge. The more you practice prior to the test, the better you play.

Zoom in on the questions

Most of the candidates focus on reading the passage at first. But according to experts, it is always advisable to read the questions first as it will help the candidate to focus on the information that is required from the passage. Always mark down the information which you spot from the passage.

If you start initially with reading the passage, then you will end up consuming more time on writing answers as you will start with initial reading and then read the questions and finally you will have to re read the passage to find the answers.

As already mentioned, it is very important to manage time in reading section.

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Keep calm when you see unknown words

Do not panic when you encounter with some unknown words. Rather, you should read the complete sentence to know the context of the subject. The experts suggest to be able to read through the words and be aware of the general meaning of the paragraph instead of focussing on knowing the meaning of individual word.

Move on

It is not a matter of guilt to not answer all the questions and especially for the person whose first language is not English. RELAX, if you do not know few questions and do not waste time in seeking the answers for it as it will consume time for the other questions. It is always advisable to move to next question if you stuck somewhere. You can always return back later after completing the other categories. You can keep the unanswered questions for the last minute so that you can complete the questions in which you are confident.