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How to Improve Your IELTS Vocabulary?

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Vocabulary plays an important role in framing a good grade essay. so to get a high grade in essay writing (i.e. task 2), it is quite essential to focus on vocabulary as it contributes 25% of your total IELTS essay writing score.

However, most IELTS class students have downloaded long lists of words without having seen them used in context, and even they do not know how to use them correctly.

Vocabulary plays an essential role not only in writing but also in reading; Academic reading has three long passages and in total of 40 questions. Ample words are used in the English language and it is an important task for everyone to know each word.

Moreover, to get good bands, it is advised to learn proper vocabulary. It is suggested that besides focusing on grabbing strange and difficult words, IELTS learners must focus on examining the word in context, together with learning word forms (verbs, Noun, countable, uncountable,…) collections related to these words followed by which adjectives, verbs or Nouns…).

During writing, a variety of essays are asked and some questions require you to write a descriptive essay while others ask you to give your opinion.

Varies types of essay topics are covered from a wide range of subjects like technology, finance, government, tourism, and so on. That is why your vocabulary ought to be specific and relevant to the provided topic.

Some important points for improving vocabulary effectively;

Practice and practice:

Important words should be noted during writing, reading, and speaking, and daily check your vocab and make sure your words stick in your long-term memory. While watching movies or videos, it is important to concentrate on conversations or dialogues and use such vocab in your day-to-day life.

When someone gets a new word, mention it in his or her notebook with traits or characteristics of that word and even use such vocab in your sentence. Also, find the synonyms and antonyms of that word and make different sentences on it.

It is often seen that in reading passages synonyms are used that always confuse the IELTS learner to get the correct answers. So if vocab practice is done by students, they can easily get good scores in IELTS.

Maintain notebook:

Using a notebook may be a great idea to improve the vocab. It provides a systematic approach not only to reviewing but also to recording specific as well as significant words. IELTS learners should be encouraged to keep a vocabulary notebook. If students maintain their notebooks properly, they might improve their IELTS results easily.


Firstly, students should analyze their interesting reading material. It could be a newspaper, story, novel, or other worthwhile stuff. It is often seen that vocab and grammar can be improved if English written text is observed by the students. Think for a while and find the book that you have an interest and while reading such a book keep an eye on important vocab and use such words in your day-to-day life.

Moreover, the sentence structure should be observed properly as it improves not only vocab but also grammar part. Most students get lower scores in essay writing due to a lack of If such students had focused on vocab, their writing score would have been increased.

During reading, pay close attention to vocabulary that you are not familiar with and try to find different meanings. The best idea is to learn words from context so try to find interesting reading material and find the vocab.

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(4)Be an active listener: 

  • Similar to reading, listening plays a vital role in improving vocab. It is often observed that if important words are pointed out during listening time by students, their vocab may be improved easily.
  • So during listening, pay close attention to words and try to find meaning in them. Mostly students improve their vocab if they pay attention to words during listening.

  (5)Memory tricks:

  • The more a memory is used, the more it will endure. So it is vital to engage in active repetition and usage. This is where you get to play with your new words.
  • Cramming a vocab will not help you if you promptly forget it. In a recent survey, it has found that a word can be part of your vocabulary only if it takes 15-20 times repetitions.
  • Based on the spaced repetition, if students want to make good hold on vocab, they can use words daily for a couple of weeks.

  (6) Besides one word – think collocations and phrases During the IELTS exam, it has been seen that those students, who have a great hold on a group of words and phrases, do not face the problem and they easily do the exam with good score, while such students who follow one vocabulary learning tip always face difficulty as a lot of synonyms are used in the exam. Make sure, the student must use groups of words.