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Skimming and Scanning

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Two most important and different strategies for speed reading are as below:

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Scanning means to find out the significant phrases in the given passage to answer some particular questions. This information may be a particular date, a place, a name or any significant information. So the best thing is to point out such key words and underline while reading, so IELTS learner can find the correct answer easily.

How to scan?


Skimming is the best strategy to save the time during IELTS reading exam, as time management is the most common problem with the IELTS reading test.IELTS students have to find the answers of 40 questions with in 60 minutes. So such skills like skimming plays a vital role to save the time and complete the exam within given time interval.

Skimming means find the main idea of sentence quickly during reading .so it is important quickly look through the passage to find the general understanding of what the text is about. Instead of looking for significant information, just looks an overview. So skim effectively, IELTS learner must read only a part of the material.

You have already encountered skimming: when reading a long chapter of a book, or doing a research on a long article. In such case, you would probably read the first sentences of each paragraph, dropping down to the end of the paragraph.

How to skim?

(3)Previewing the text to get an overview

How to previewing the text?

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