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Specific tips for IELTS listening(Asta Achievers):

January 2, 2023BY Asta Achievers

Specific tips for IELTS listening(Asta Achievers):

IELTS contains all four modules in which Listening plays a vital role as this is the only module that can enhance one’s overall band score at ASTA Achievers which is in Gurugram

Listening skill has four sections which contain a total of forty questions, and each section contains 10 questions. In addition, audio might be monolingual, trilingual, or quadrilingual.

Listening have basically three types of questions:

  1. Fill ups
  2. MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
  3. Map type (with direction)

Tips and tricks for IELTS Listening (ASTA Achiever) :

  • Read the instructions carefully: Either individual has to answer in one, two, or three words.
  • Read the topic name or listen to it attentively when the speaker will talk about it. Topic names can be Reservations, Admission, Enquiry, information in hotel, hospital, academic setting, and research and studies.
  • Mark the important keywords and pay attention to them along with the reference statements.
  • Read the sentence and look carefully either is it a complete sentence or if any Noun, Verb, and Adjective are required. While listening to writing word type in the gap might aid to understand which type of word fits in the gap. To illustrate, write ‘N’ for a noun, ‘V’ for Verb, and so on.
  • Improve your general listening skill: Listen to various general topics. For instance, radio reports, TV shows, and Documental programs so on. It will not only help you to get familiar with topics but also improve your listening abilities.
  • Polish your topic vocabulary in (ASTA Achiever) as in Section 3, most of the time there is an interaction between student and student or scholar and teacher related to their academics. Thus, it will help you to understand this section in a very effective way.
  • Be attentive to spoken instructions, connectors, and pauses in listening. Listen for words-indicators, such as however, but, then, finally. They help you to anticipate what the speaker will say.
  • Don’t write and choose answers too quickly

A lot of students are caught in this trap: as soon as they hear the needed information, they measure it as the correct answer. Nevertheless, sometimes this information is further either corrected or repeated by the speaker in the section. For instance:

Sam: Thank you! I’ve received your email. So it is [email protected].

Loren: No-no! You have mistaken, it is [email protected], spelled with M.

Sam: Oh, I’m sorry..

  • Test takers (Asta) are advised to be attentive in listening and don’t lose focus. Because the audio will play once. Therefore, if one didn’t hear some words and skips some questions, don’t take the stress! Leave the question blank and focus on the upcoming question. However, take a look at the left question at the end of the section, otherwise, you will only miss more questions and tangle in the recording. Because, test takers will need to read, write and listen to all at the same time of listening.
  • Check your silly mistakes and Don’t leave empty blank:

After completing each section you have 30 seconds to correct and fill in your answers. It is significant to check spelling, plurals, and word forms. As only correctly written answers will mark and gain points. Moreover, at the end of the listening test, you will have 10 minutes for transferring your answers into the answer sheet. And quite often students get confused about the numeration! As you write down your answers, check that they fit into the correct numbered space. In other words, make sure that the answer for question 7 goes into space number 7. Apart from that, you won’t lose marks for incorrect answers, so even if you don’t know the exact answer it is better to write something in the answers box according to your knowledge and topic. But, it should make sense.

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