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Specific tips for IELTS writing

December 11, 2022BY Asta Achievers


10 Steps to your Dream Score.

As indicated by official sources, an overall band score of 7 describes a good user of the language, able to handle complex language well and follow detailed reasoning. 

Alternatively, a band 7 should be what you are aiming for at the very least. 

Step 1: Identify the question type

When answering an IELTS Task 2 question, it is imperative to read the question carefully and to answer it relevantly.

Remember that the examiner will assess how thoroughly the task has been addressed in the Task Response criterion, so it’s vital that one must respond to the question directly and clearly. 

Learn how to interpret what the question prompt, so you answer it relevantly. Then categorize your answer to an essay-type category (e.g. agree/disagree, to what extent you agree/disagree, advantages/disadvantages, causes/solutions)

Step 2: Follow the POWER STRATEGY

Step 3: Will my essay require to include a personal opinion?

In IELTS writing task, not all essays require to include a personal opinion. Include a personal opinion only when the essay demands.

Step 4: Answer all parts of the question

IELTS Writing Task 2 requires you to write an essay in response to a statement, argument or a fact. The question ought to be read carefully so that all parts are answered. For example, in the question below, 3 things must be done in order to achieve a higher band, showing the examiner that you are addressing all parts of the task. 


Example question:  

Some people believe that increasing tax on various industries will reduce pollution whereas others believe that there are better alternative ways.

Discuss both the view and give your opinion.

  1. Present one view 
  2. Present the other view 
  3. Present your opinion 

If any of these aspects are not included, it will impact your writing scores.

Step 5: Present a clear position

Although different points of views in your essay are presented, it is vital to establish clear position. This simply means the student must let the examiner know what you think about the question. Your position must be clear for the complete write-up. Never change your mind in the conclusion. 

  • Both views put forward valid points, however, I strongly opine… 
  • However, many individuals feel that… 
  • I believe that levying taxes in conjunction with alternative measures … 

Step 6: Structure your essay

Essay writing, indeed, need not necessarily be a challenge achievement. The ideas must be presented in a structured manner using paragraphs to present and develop each respective idea. Make use of the following pertinent points to help you structure your essay. 

  • Show the reader where to start with an introduction paragraph by including clear sign posts. To name a few: To embark upon, to commence with…. 
  • Include two body paragraphs. Present ideas that are important and then, elaborate further discussing how and why.  
  • Develop a clear idea within each paragraph.  Do not any multiple ideas to create confusion. 
  • Don’t forget to conclude the essay with your opinion on the question.  
  • Ensure to leave a space between each paragraph.  

Step 7: Use linking devices

Linking devices or transition words or discourse markers are connecting words and phrases that make your answer cohesive. It is the glue that sticks your sentences, thoughts and ideas together. The below table highlights some linking instruments that are frequently used in IELTS essays. 

On one hand


On the other hand











In conclusion


In addition

For example

As a result




Step 8: Use a range of vocabulary

Writing, a means of communicating your thoughts and ideas to the reader, should possess the required lexical resources. Therefore, make use of vocabulary that connects and relates the theme and is easy to understand. Also, only use words that you can easily and correctly spell. Use words that go naturally together – collocations, and include idiomatic language/phrasal verbs in your essay. Apart from that topic specific vocabulary adds the icing to the cake. This proves to the examiner that you can use a varied range of vocabulary. And finally, check for any spelling errors and typos after you complete your writing tasks. 

Examples of collocation: 

  • Tourist attraction  
  • Alternate ways  
  • Rare species  
  • Natural habitat  

Examples of idiomatic language and phrasal verbs: 

  • To be cared for  
  • Close down  
  • Make money  
  • Chance to see  
  • Looked after

Examples of Topic Specific Vocabulary 

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Health disorders
  • Co-morbities
  • Geriatric 
  • Cognition 


Step 9: Use a range of grammatical structures correctly

When you are aiming for a band 7, you need to master both simple, compound and complex sentences. And remember that you mustn’t produce frequent error-free sentences as well. So, how do you think you can ace that? Yes, indeed, with practice. Practice past test papers and analyse the mistakes you usually make. When you keep on practicing different sentence structures, it is definite you are going to improve writing an essay on any given topic. 

Examples of grammatical structures


Most importantly, they attract tourists and make money for (the) city; visitors get (a) chance

Subject/verb agreement

because they is (are) not in natural 


wild animals at (in) their country 


We frequently see news story (stories)


Most importantly, they attract tourists and make money for the city.

Step 10: Check your essay thoroughly

Even after you produce a perfect essay, you may make careless spelling and grammatical mistakes. These can easily be eliminated if you proofread your essay thoroughly. Ask yourself the following questions once you have completed your writing task. 

  • Did I answer all parts? 
  • Did I use paragraphs? 
  • Did I use linkers? 
  • Did I use punctuation? 
  • Did I check my work? 
  • Is my spelling correct and did I use a range of vocabulary? 
  • Did I use simple, compound and complex sentence structures? 

When you can deal and answer to these questions positively, you are surely on your way to a band 7 score and above! 

All the very best!!

Study Hard!!

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