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Specific tips for OET reading

December 18, 2022BY Asta Achievers

About the OET reading task [Asta Achievers]

The OET reading test takes 60 minutes. The OET reading comprises with health profession and also contain topics related to healthcare such as, medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, Tuberculosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. Apart from this, sometime they will give you topic allied with research and hospital infection control policies. The OET reading sub- test consists of three parts and a total of 42 question items with different structure.                                                            

Part-A   This part  is also called as expeditious reading task [15 minutes] Reading part-A tests your ability to search read and find particular bits of information words phrases and or numbers under timed conditions how it works. In addition, you will receive four text A, B, C and D also, each text will be about a single topic for instance, diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, the next text will differ slightly from one another text b might be about identifying causes of diabetes mellitus and text c related to management of the diabetes mellitus. However, most of time there will always be one text that is visual in nature like a graph or a flow chart. Always keep in mind the topic could be about anything it could be about anything, it could be about headaches or hernias or heart diseases. You will also receive 20 questions based on these four texts. The first series of questions that will ask you in which text you find the exact information. The next you will receive short answer questions and sentence completion questions.

The  OET reading structure                                    

Part- B and Part- C- careful reading tasks [45 minutes]     

Part B assesses your ability to recognise the specific detail, or main point of six short texts linked with healthcare workplace with a word limit of 100-150. The texts might consist of hospital guidelines, biomedical waste management and intensive care unit setup, hospital memos and audit. For each text, there is one three- option multiple- choice question.     

In part-B reading section you have to identify the main point of the text or understand a particular detail. It’s all about the understanding the text fully and especially understanding the question and answer options.          

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Part-C Reading Section  

Reading Part-C is also like reading part-B and requires you to read very carefully word by word , phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. In this part the words limit of passage  is about 800. This part also consists of topics  which is related to healthcare professionals. For each text, you must answer eight four- option multiple choice questions.

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