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April 14, 2022 88 people Latest news

OET Speaking

Asta Achievers

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OET Speaking consists of a set of warm up questions followed by two role – plays. Warm up questions are very friendly questions about you. Although you do not score here, your poor response to warm-up will badly affect your Reading score.

Part 1 Warm- up Questions
What kind of profession are your dealing with?

I am a nurse with three years of experience in operation theater and recently one year experience in an intensive care cardiac unit.

Why did you choose this profession?

Well, I have more than just one single reason for choosing nursing as my profession. Frankly speaking, I love caring people in distress. I think I have imbibed this attitude from some of my relatives and yes, from my own mother and uncle, who were both doctors. Secondly, in my society most girls are, what we say, earmarked for this noble profession which is highly yielding and moderately respected.

What advice can you give the upcoming nurses?

I would advise them to love their profession more than the huge money it can bring. As for any noble profession, medical profession too attracts greed and materialism. Moreover, respect your profession and your patients. Remember every other profession is as nursing is.

Do you have a role model in your profession?

Very much, yes! I find my uncle in the first place to pick out from among scores ofpeople who have influenced me in shaping my career and outlook. My father’s eldestbrother, this uncle of mine is my glowing role model because he was our village’sfirst doctor and his wife the first nurse. He was a passionate medical professional who worked day and night for the ill and inflicted in our village and outside.

Please speak about your routine day as a nurse.

A nurse’ routine consists of more days than nights. It is supposed to be so and I do not find it very hard to cope up with. Early rising, a hasty preparation, a speedy journey to the hospital, getting into work in time, from ward to theater and then to patients, accompanying duty doctors on their rounds, preparing reports, the life of a nurse is eventful day in and day out.

“What are the goods qualities of a good nurse?”

“Unlike the qualities expected and fostered in every professional, a nurse needs to imbibe more human qualities for which the weak and dying should find repose and hope in them one of the most prominent quality of a nurse is willingness to be a nurse. A nurse is a specially gifted person who runs to care for the afflicted when the rest of the world cringes (unwilling). Another quality that places a human being much above ordinary humanity is sympathy and empathy. A nurse should be able to find her patient in her own place. Patience, punctuality and dedication are some otherqualities that are expected to be found in a nurse.”

Part 1 More Questions

What are the challenges that nursing and nurses face today?

Sleep deprivations.

Overloaded work pressure.

Losing social life.

Difficulty in coping with foreign cultures & Languages.

Inferiority complex while working in a foreign land.

What would have been your second choice to Nursing? Why?

Teaching would have been my second choice.

I like the profession because by being a teacher or lecturer, I take part in the building up of a culture.

Apart from all that I have said, I like the social recognition & Respect bestowed upon a teacher.

Why have you opted for nursing?
It is a profession that doesn’t compromise with service.

Nursing gives a lot of opportunities to interact with various kinds of people from diverse culture.

It gives a great deal of job satisfactions.

Last but not the least, taking care of the ailing and the aged is next to godliness. What are the occupational disease that nursing professionals mostly suffer from?

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