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PTE classes in Gurgoan

April 30, 2021 55 people Latest news

PTE Academic - Best Coaching, Guidance, & Results

PTE, Pearson Test of English, is an English proficiency test inclusive of four components, for instance, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. This platform is utilized to either study abroad or attain a permanent residency in countries like Australia. Plus, it is a simplified process of computer-based assessment with no hassle of face-to-face speaking interviews or academy-based written tests which decreases the fear of facing an examiner. Its topmost advantage is that it could be scheduled in 24 hours and further its result is achieved in 4 days best suited for the ones who need their results early.

We, Asta Achievers Academy, are well aware of your concerns, and thus, have pre-planned and concise structures, materials, and strategies for all the components of PTE. Here we help you:

  • Plan Appropriately
  • Build Related English Skills
  • Giving Genuine Feedback
  • Know different components’ Tips and Tricks
  • Provide Several Mocks

Our Mission

We are 100% committed to the well learning of our students, quality of guidance by our team of experts, efficient feedback, and appropriate study material.

Advantages of Choosing PTE

Besides saving one’s time, it helps in acquiring enough knowledge to live abroad. It is a computer-based test which not only provides you a comfortable circumstance but also helps you choose your location with free will. Selection of dates is another prime factor in PTE where all one needs to do is select the center and book the exam, rest of the exam gets scheduled within 24 hours of the booking. In addition to this, its result is even given in a number of days.

Many universities accept the scores of PTE, to exemplify, the USA, the UK, and many other universities have also started accepting PTE. It is mainly due to the practical approach of this exam as it tests the practical knowledge of a person and not only the theoretical one. The syllabus in PTE is further based on real-life and is not irrelevant content prepared only for the exam, but this 3 hours test prepares you to handle daily basis English skills.

What Guidance Does Asta Achievers Provide?

  • Sample Questions - We provide 100+ writing practice questions and other related sample questions for the PTE exam.
  • Trainer’s Guidance - Trainers in here help you get your basic errors corrected, and with a sufficient amount of practice, study material, and apt guidance, we further help you improve your overall PTE exam.
  • Template and Structure for Writing - Asta Achievers believes in time-saving and impactful writings, and so provides you with appropriate and ready-made templates for writing structures. Plus, various structures of writings to adapt and improve timely.
  • Sentence Starters and Structures - As sentence structure is one of the crucial points in achieving good points in the PTE exam, it is kept into consideration to tackle this component nicely.
  • Various Tips and Tricks - Several techniques to overcome repeated errors are taught along with the resolution of other noticed errors.
  • Grammar Classes - For the one who needs to polish their basic grammar, exclusive PTE grammar classes are arranged in order to make sure of better understanding and scoring.

  • Mock Tests - Finally, enough mock tests are designed, updated, and given as per the advancements in the PTE course.

Success Rate of PTE Courses

It is a traditional way of English Competitive exam which is assured of fulfilling certain sets of requirements. It is well-known and accepted by more than 100 countries across the globe where our students are scoring good scores initiating from 75 plus for several reaching to 79 following the path of well learned and experienced experts.


Pearson English Test of English (PTE), a computer-based test, is for international study, work abroad, and migration purposes. It is a just medium of test accepted by several known universities, the world over. It is taught by our expert trainers keeping in mind the requirements specific to its need. Asta Achievers not only provides apt guidance in it but also remains alert to the study patterns and material change to adjust accordingly in order to give variance and task achievements to its pupils. As we believe in the right kind of aid in the form of guidance, such as tips and tricks, analysis of errors, and specified feedback timely.

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