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IELTS writing classes in Gurgoan

May 12, 2021 37 people Latest news

Writing Structure

IELTS Writing Task 2: it's only 14 sentences!

It surprises some students when we tell them that they only need to write 13 sentences for writing task 2:

  • Introduction: 3 sentences(40-50 words)
  • First main body paragraph: 5 sentences(90-110 words)
  • Second main body paragraph: 5 sentences(90-110 words)
  • Conclusion: 1 sentence(30-40 words)


  • Address all parts of the task(Paraphrasing)
  • Present a clear position (my view)
  • Outline sentence(what will be discussed further)

QUESTION- Should we put more than one idea in each body paragraph or just one idea?

  • Some questions require you to put more than one idea in each body paragraph. For example, if the question asks you to explain the advantages, disadvantages, reasons, causes or solutions, you must give more than one. Therefore a "firstly, secondly, finally" paragraph structure is perfect. If the question doesn't contain a plural word, one idea per paragraph is fine.

Body Paragraph

  • Appositive
  • A compound sentence
  • Extra information surrounded by commas
  • Not only but also sentence, An examples by using passive verbs
  • Therefore

Body paragraph(2)

  • Conditional sentence
  • A complex sentence
  • Example statement-personal, research, survey, study
  • Use of a semicolon to link two related sentences
  • Thus


  • If you've written a good essay, there's no need for a 'difficult' or 'impressive' conclusion. Just let the conclusion do its job: it should restate your answer in a clear and simple way.
  1. Start with- to conclude, in conclusion, in summarization, to summarize, to recapitulate
  2. Both logics with different vocabulary.

Always remember these below-mentioned points while writing Task-2

  • how well you address the question
  • clarity of your idea
  • not to write sentences or phrases that are vague or irrelevant
  • overall paragraph structure
  • paragraph movement
  • coherence between neighboring sentences
  • not to do repetition and variety of vocabulary
  • use of connectives to link sentence clauses
  • anything else that 'tightens up' your writing

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