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This test consists of 4 modules to check the English level of the examinee.

(1)IELTS Writing - Task 1 – Letter (General Test) - minimum 150 Words

Graph (Academic Test)- minimum 150 Words.

Task 2 – Essay (Both GT & Academic test) - minimum 250 Words.

Total Time Duration - 60 Minutes.


(A)Use Of Passive Voice: 2

The Passive Voice is quite formal so it is commonly used in academic or scientific writing, to make it sound less personal and less subjective.

Ex. The government ought to impose some stringent traffic rules to lessen the number of accidents.

Some stringent traffic rules ought to be imposed to lessen the number of accidents.

( Focus is on traffic rules instead of the government )

(B) Use Of Conditional Sentences: 2

Conditional Sentences Are Very Valuable In IELTS Writing as they are quite complicated and crispy. There Are Four Different Kinds Of Conditional Sentences 0,1,2 & 3.

Ex. The Second World War would have never happened if Germany had

been given a fairer peace settlement in the First World War.

(C) Use Of Different Linking Words And Expressions 3

Some High Scoring Linking Words are Although, However, yet, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Albeit, in lieu of, Consequently, not only but also, Hence, Despite, in spite of.

(D)Most Common Mistakes In IELTS Writing:

  • Articles (A, An and Specifically Use of “the”)
  • Correct Use Of Punctuation (Understanding of Dependent and Independent Sentences and Relative Clauses)
  • Correct Use Of Gerunds & Infinitives.
  • Present Indefinite Tense (Specifically for Singular Nouns)
  • Countable And Uncountable Nouns
  • Correct Use Of Apostrophes

(E)Use Of Wide Range Of Grammar

(All Tenses, Modal Verbs, Active & Passive, Complex Sentences, Compound Sentences, Cleft Sentences, Subordinate Clause Etc.)

(2)IELTS Reading - The Reading test consists of 40 questions. The Academic version includes three long texts and the General Training version requires candidates to read extracts from books, magazines, newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks and guidelines.

Different Types Of Questions Are There In IELTS Reading Test.

  • True/False/Not Given
  • Yes/No/Not Given
  • Match Headings
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Fill Ups
  • Match Paragraph Information
  • Sentence Completion Questions
  • Matching Sentence Endings

(3)IELTS Speaking - In the Speaking test, you have a discussion with a certified Examiner. It is interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get. The test is 11 to 14 minutes long with three parts.

Part 1: you answer questions about yourself, your family, your work and your interests.

Part 2: you speak about a topic. You will be given a task card, which asks you to speak about a particular topic and includes points that you can cover in your talk. You will be given 1 minute to prepare your talk. You will then speak for 1-2 minutes.

Part 3: you have a longer discussion on the topic. The examiner will ask you further questions connected to the topic in Part 2.

The Speaking test is the same for both Academic and General Training tests.

Asta Achievers fee structure for IELTS:

6500 - 16 Sessions - 20 Tests/ 2 Mock Tests/ Tips & Tricks/

Precisely With the IELTS Syllabus.

9500 - 1.5 Month – 50 Tests / 4 Mock Tests / Tips & Tricks /

Grammar Sessions / Some Individual sessions

13500 - 3 Months - Basic & Advance Grammar / Spoken Classes /

70 Tests/ 8 Mock Tests / Tips & Tricks / Some Individual


If you would like to get proper guidance and would like to crack an exam on the first attempt, don’t be hesitate to contact our team.

Visit – www.astaachiever.com

Phone – 9871882724, 9991406306

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