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Ielts speaking classes in Gurgaon

May 30, 2021 387 people Latest news

Asta Achievers ( Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS Speaking)

Q-1 Why is the IELTS speaking test recorded?

  • The recording is needed in case your performance needs to be re-marked.

Q-2 What if I don’t know anything about the topic in part 2?

  • The topics are carefully chosen to reflect common experiences, so you don’t need special knowledge to talk about them.

Q-3 What can I take into the test room?

  • You can only take your identity documents. The examiner will give you everything you need in the test.

Q-4 Is it a good idea to learn short speeches about my town or job by heart?

  • No, you should listen carefully to the examiner and just respond to the questions. If you say something you have memorized, you probably won’t answer the examiner’s question exactly.

Q-5 What should I do if I don’t understand a question or the part 2 task?

  • You should tell the examiner that you don’t understand. In parts 1 and 3, the examiner will be able to repeat the question. In part 2 you should look carefully at the task card because you may be able to guess the meaning of a word you have not understood. In part 3, the examiner will be able to ask the question differently or may be able to help you to understand the question.

Q-6 How long should I talk for in part 2?

  • You will have the opportunity to talk for 2 minutes. You should try to talk for the full 2 minutes to give the examiner a good sample of your English.

Q-7 Do I have to write notes in part2?

  • No, making notes is just an option. Some candidates prefer just to think about what to say, whereas others find that making notes to organize their ideas and to keep talking.

Q-7 Can I start speaking before the 1-minute preparation time is over in part 2?

  • Yes, if you don’t need the whole minute, you can begin speaking when you are ready. However, it is a good idea to use all of the preparation time.

Q-8 Will the examiner tell me if I have done well or not?

  • No, the examiner is not allowed to give feedback, and you should not ask him/her to do so.

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