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IELTS speaking topic (Travelling)

Tourism & Travel Types:

  • Ecotourism (traveling to places of remote nature)
  • Mass tourism (too many people visiting the same place at the same time)
  • Expedition, exploration (to travel for a particular purpose or to research on something)
  • Voyage, tour, odyssey (a long exciting journey)

Advantages of International Tourism:

  • Global Culture (single culture developed all over the world)
  • From souvenir shop – souvenir, keepsake (a thing bought as a memory of that place)
  • Boost economy
  • Help subsidiary industries like food and handicraft

Disadvantages of International Tourism:

  • Graffiti (writing on public walls)
  • Increase pollution

Additional Words:

  • Motion sickness (sickness while traveling)
  • Seasickness (sickness while traveling by sea)
  • Globetrot, globetrotter (a person traveling all widely)[national/international]

Hill Station and Desert

Hill Station:

  • Foothill (base of the hill)
  • Hilltop (peak or top of the hill)
  • Snow clad mountains, snow-crapped peaks (snow-covered mountains)
  • Sunset and sunrise points
  • Ascending and descending of the hill (climbing and coming down of the hill)
  • Boulder (large rock)

Words for Expression:

  • Greenery, lush green land
  • Hilly paradise
  • Inexplicable, untouched natural beauty
  • In nature’s lap (close to nature)
  • Panoramic view of mist-clad hills (hills covered with fog)
  • Scenic beauty, scenic view
  • Tranquility of nature (peacefulness of nature)


  • Bonfire
  • Camel ride
  • Desert camp, Luxurious desert tent
  • Desert safari
  • Folk dance, Local tribal dance
  • Oasis (a fertile spot in desert or where water is found)

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