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IELTS speaking topic Cooking

Pre - preparation (verbs):

  • Chop, cut (with knife or chopper)
  • Grind (crush in grinder)
  • Knead (make dough from flour)
  • Stuff (the stuffing or filling)

Post–cooking (verbs):

  • Garnish (to decorate the dish)
  • Serve (present food to someone)

Additional Verbs

  • Sizzle (crackling sound like in frying)
  • Squeeze (take out the juice with squeezer)


  • Ingredients (materials)
  • Undercooked (cooked less than needed)
  • Overcooked (cooked more than needed)
  • Seasoning (herbs or species added for taste)
  • Accompaniment (dish eaten main with other items complementing it)

Techniques of Cooking:

  • Roast (cook by giving dry heat)
  • Barbecue (food cooked outdoors on rack over open fire)
  • Sauté (mix properly on high flame)
  • Simmer (cook on low flame)

Places To Eat or Drink :

  • Bistro (small pub or bar)
  • Snack bar (a small shop where snacks are available)
  • Eatery (a place to eat like a restaurant or café)
  • Multi-cuisine (serving many food dishes)
  • Pizzeria (where only pizza are available)
  • Rooftop Restaurant (restaurant on the top in open)
  • Street food (hawker or vendor selling food items on the roadside)

Related Words:

  • Buffet (self-serving the item from the board)
  • Catering service (providing food service)

Animals, Birds, Insects, Plants, Birds

Parts Of Plants:

  • Bark (outer covering of a tree)
  • Bud (closed or unfolded flower)
  • Twig (small branch coming from the main branch)
  • Shoot (part of the plant above the ground)
  • Thorns, spines, prickles (sharp points to protect)

Kinds Of Plants:

  • Herb (very small sized plant)
  • Shrub (medium-sized plant smaller than a tree)
  • Creeper (the plant that grows along the ground)
  • Climber (Plant that climbs but with support)
  • Ornamental Plants (Plants grown for decorative purpose)

Verbs Related To Plants:

  • Blossom, bloom (open out from bud)
  • Germinate, Sprout (to open from seed)

Additional Words:

  • Plant nursery (the place where plants are grown of the size of sapling)
  • Fragrance (sweet scent of flower)

Verbs Related to Birds:

  • Chirp (sound of birds)
  • Flutter (to flap wings quickly up and down)
  • Perch (to rest or sit on branch)
  • Wade (to paddle water like of ducks)

Additional Words for Birds:

  • Nestling (young one of bird)
  • Bird Feeder (a tray or device kept outdoors in which food is kept for birds)
  • Aviary, birdhouse (place for keeping birds)

Plants, Birds

Parts Of Animals:

  • Fang, canine tooth (sharp tooth)
  • Antler (branched horn e.g. of a stag)
  • Ivory, tusk (white outer teeth of an elephant)
  • Mane (hair on neck or face)
  • Paw (soft foot)
  • Claw (curved pointed horny nail)
  • Pouch (pocket of Kangaroos)

Kinds Of Animals:

  • Carnivorous (flesh-eating)
  • Omnivorous (eating both flesh and plants)
  • Herbivorous (plant-eating)
  • Reptile (snake)
  • Marine (related to sea)
  • Aquatic (related to water)
  • Amphibians (animals that can stay both in water and land)
  • Nocturnal (animal active at night)

Related to Animals:

  • Herd of animals (group of animals)
  • Offspring (young one)
  • Predator (an animal that preys on others)
  • Prey (an animal hunted by another animal for food)
  • Carcass (the dead body of an animal)

Verbs Related To Animals:

  • Hibernate (a state of inactivity during winter)
  • Chew the cud (bringing the food back to mouth from and eat like of cow)
  • Gallop (run quickly with all feet off ground like a horse)
  • Crawl, creep (move like of snake)


  • Antenna of insects (located on the head)
  • Beehive, honey-comb (place to stay for honey bees)
  • Larva (immature form of insects)

Verbs Related To Insects:

  • Hum (a continuous low sound like of bee)
  • Infest ( to invade or spread in large numbers)

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