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IELTS speaking topic (Business, Job)

People In Business:

  • Business rival, adversary (business competitor)
  • Tycoon, magnate, multimillionaire (wealthy, powerful man in business)
  • Self-employed, free-lancer (working on their own)


  • Assets and liabilities (property owned and responsibility of a company)
  • Business venture, enterprise (company, organization)
  • Cut-throat competition in the market (stiff competition)
  • Overhead expenses, overhead costs (operating expense of a company

Global Market:

  • Outsourcing of work, off-shoring (work given to other company especially in the other country mainly to get cheap labor)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) (contracting a business task to a third party service provider)
  • Knowledge Process outsourcing (KPO) (knowledge or information related work carried out by workers as a part of outsourcing)
  • Liberalization of Policies (relaxation of government restriction)
  • Expatriate Workers (workers hired from other countries)

Business Expression

  • To get into debt – suffer heavy loss
  • Win-win situation – favorable outcome for both the sides
  • Target the niche market – product made keeping in mind a particular segment of people

People In Job:

  • Apprentice, trainee, probationer (whose job is not confirmed and still under training period)
  • Colleague, co-worker, workmate (person working in same company)
  • Skilled workers and unskilled workers

Job Description:

  • Lucrative jobs, Lucrative offers (jobs paying high salary)
  • Monotonous work (same kind of work without any change)
  • White- collar job (job involving office work)
  • Blue-collar job (job involving manual labor)
  • Rewarding jobs (jobs giving high work satisfaction)

Job Benefits:

  • Daily allowance
  • Increment
  • Perks, incentives
  • Travelling allowance
  • Pension schemes
  • Wages, remuneration, salary

At Workplace:

  • Job rotation (change of responsibilities or position in the same company in rotation)
  • Working ambiance (working environment)

Additional Words:

  • Job Placement ( a service for finding a suitable job for students or job seeker)
  • Telecommuting, tele-working (working from home)
  • Recruitment firm, recruitment agency (the company that helps to recruit or give job)

Job Expression:

  • Earning livelihood (earning money to fulfill the daily needs)
  • Smart move in one’s career (good decision for the success of career)
  • Out of work (jobless, without work)
  • Lay off (a temporary or permanent discharge of worker as a part of cost-cutting)
  • Climb to the top of the career (reached the peak position in one’s career)

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