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IELTS speaking topic Time

Period of Time

  • Century (period of 100 years)
  • Chronology (arrangement of events according to its occurrence or with timeline)
  • Decade (period of 10 years)
  • Eternal, forever (everlasting)
  • Golden time, golden period, heyday, boom period, peak period (best period of time)

Adverbs indicating time:

  • Lately, recently, of late (not long ago)
  • Eventually, finally, ultimately (in the end)
  • Formerly, previously (in the past)

Words indicating the frequency of time

  • Annually, per annum (every year)
  • Biennial (every other year, every 2 years)
  • Bimonthly (every 2 months)
  • Fortnightly (every 2 weeks)
  • Quarterly (once every quarter of a year)
  • Centennial (happening every 100 years, hundredth year)
  • Frequently, often, usually (regularly or many times)
  • Occasionally (sometimes)
  • Rarely, hardly, seldom, scarcely (not often)

Special Anniversary:

  • Silver Jubilee – celebration at 25th anniversary
  • Golden Jubilee – Celebration at 50th anniversary
  • Diamond Jubilee – celebration at 60th anniversary
  • Platinum jubilee – celebration at 70th or 75th anniversary

Telling Time

  • Quarter to (15 minutes left to)
  • Quarter past (15 minutes past)
  • Half past (30 minutes past)

Time Of The Day:

  • Dawn, daybreak (before sunlight)
  • Morning
  • Noon, midday (12 noon)
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Twilight, dust (between sunset And night)
  • Night
  • Midnight (12 midnight)

Phrases On Time:

  • At present, at this moment in time, at the moment, nowadays (currently)
  • Behind the times (old–fashioned)
  • Day by day, bit by bit, little by little (gradually, slowly)
  • Day to day (every day)
  • Once In a while, at times (at some time in the past)
  • Prior to (before)
  • Sooner or later (at some future time, eventually

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