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ielts writing strategy

July 07, 2021 54 people Latest news

Asta Achievers IELTS writing

Accomplished Essay Writing- Avoiding Common Errors

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While dealing with IELTS Writing, many pupils struggle to achieve their wanted bands even after months of hard work. This is probably because one gets deviated from what is truly required. Task-2, Essay Writing, aiming for a minimum of five out of six bands, is considered to be the toughest part of IELTS Writing due to the following callous decisions students take during the practice or booking of the exam:

Choosing Paper-Based test - Since we are prone to technology, be it office mails, chatting on daily basis, or making grocery lists on a notepad of our mobiles, every individual is comfortable typing rather than writing. Hence, forgetting our written abilities, it is a smart move to select Computer-Based-Test which not only saves you from handwriting issues but also several capitalization errors which aren't corrected since school times.

Focusing too much on High Vocabulary - It is a myth that writing too many higher vocab can help you the clear exam, as it is just one of the parts of writing-check-points. Moreover, students' focus should be more on not repeating any word first i.e. commonly used essay vocabulary, and then later on making sentences impactful with the help of some higher and formal words.

Writing from Free-Will - One of the biggest errors that IELTS students make is this. Fixing one of the structures for all the types of essays and practicing it for a month or two depending on your requirement will help you minimize your grammatical and rest errors.

Not involving Proof-Reading in plan - Along with firm time and word management, reading one's own writing after completion helps pupils to eradicate the grammatical errors. Proofreading is to writing as the focus is to listen.

We, Asta Achievers Academy, not only help you analyze these errors shortly but also aid you in eradicating those mistakes from the root for effective results in one time approach. We have highly trained trainers, the best immigration services, and updated study materials for all the components. It is designed to handle all your works in one place.

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