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ielts speaking classes in Gurgaon

July 16, 2021 40 people Latest news

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IELTS speaking topic Advertising

Print Advertising:

  • Brochure
  • Catalogs
  • Newspaper and magazine advertising
  • Poster

Internet Marketing, Electronic aid:

  • Spam mails, bulk mails, junk mails (emails sent to numerous recipients by email)
  • Internet pop-ups
  • Social media Marketing (marketing through social networking sites)
  • Web Banner Advertising (rectangular shaped ad attached to a website)
  • Floating Advertising (ad which stays for a while when a website is opened and then disappears)

Aerial Advertising (Advertising in air)

  • Sky balloon advertising
  • Sky Writing (ad by writing in the sky by the smoke of aircraft)

Outdoor Advertising:

  • Signboard, Hoarding (big boards of advertisement especially on crossroads)
  • Roadside signs

Other Types of Advertising:

  • Cold calling (calling unknown contact)
  • Covert Advertising (indirect advertising done by showing star using that product in a TV show)
  • Door to door marketing (house to house)
  • Event Marketing (promoting by organizing events)
  • Guerilla marketing, unconventional marketing (a very unique way of advertising to attract the attention of customers with less budget)
  • Multilevel Marketing, Direct Marketing (Marketing without involving retailers)
  • Television Commercial) (TV advertisement

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