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IELTS speaking topic Crime and Law

Crimes On Road:

  • Encroachment (unlawful entering gradually without permission upon land or property)
  • Speeding (exceed the limit of legal speeding while driving the vehicle)
  • Hit and run

Crimes Related To Stealing:

  • Mugging (attacking and robbing at a public place)
  • Ransack (search thoroughly and roughly a place to steal things causing harm)
  • Shoplifting (action of stealing things from a shop pretending to be a customer)
  • Burglary (illegally entering a building with the intention to commit the crime)
  • Pickpocket (a person who steals from person’s pocket )
  • Smuggling (move goods illegally into or out of the country)
  • Theft (stealing)

Physical or Mental Harm:

  • Assault (physical attack), Molestation (sexually abuse)
  • Domestic violence (violent abuse of a spouse)
  • Euthanasia, mercy killing (painless killing of a person suffering from incurable disease)
  • Stone pelting (throwing of stones)
  • Psychopath, serial killer (a person killing a lot of people due to psychological disorder)

Related Verbs (Harm):

  • Betray (cheat, be disloyal, deceive)
  • Assassinate, slay (kill)
  • Kidnap, abduct (e.g. kidnap a child)
  • Stab (to attack with a knife)
  • Strangle (to kill someone by squeezing the throat)
  • Threaten (to warn someone)

Money Or Damaging Property:

  • Bribery (usually money given illegally in exchange of influence done)
  • Ransom (some of money demanded for release of captive or kidnapped person)
  • Forgery, fraud (fake sign or documents)
  • Vandalism (damaging public property)

Additional Crimes:

  • Juvenile delinquency ( crime committed by minors or under 18)
  • Organized crime (well-planned crime)
  • White-collar crime (crime in office premises especially related to money)
  • Communal riots (violence between communities)

Verbs Related to Crime:

  • Abscond (to escape)
  • Imitate Crime (copy crime)
  • Instigate, provoke (incite someone to do something bad)

Verbs Related to Punishment:

  • Ban, prohibit (formally forbid by law or rules)
  • Banish, exile (to expel and bar someone from native country)
  • Besiege (trap)
  • To deter (to keep away)

Related Words:

  • Gallow (loop of rope to hang a person)
  • Alimony (maintenance money given to a spouse after divorce)
  • Heinous, brutal, unpardonable, unforgivable (cruel)
  • Traitor(who has cheated the country)

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Kinds Of Punishment:

  • Capital punishment (death penalty)
  • Prison sentence (sent to jail)

Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism:

  • Bootlegger (a person who sells alcohol illegally)
  • Intoxicated (condition of being drunk)
  • Social drinker (occasional drinker in social gathering)
  • Bartender (a person who serves drink at bar)
  • Hangover (feeling of uneasiness the next day of drinking)
  • Teetotaler (one who never drinks alcohol)

In courtroom:

  • Verdict (final judgment)
  • Judicial System, judiciary (court system)
  • Jury (group of people to give final judgment)
  • Parole (temporary or permanent release of a prisoner on a promise of good behavior)
  • Juvenile court (for trial of people below 18)
  • Solicitor, advocate, barrister (lawyer)
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