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ielts classes near metro station

July 17, 2021 30 people Latest news

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IELTS speaking topic Pollution

Causes of Pollution:

  • Vehicular emissions (smoke released from vehicles)
  • Industrialization, Industrial Revolution (development of Industries)
  • Urbanization (expansion of cities)
  • Dumping of waste, litter (throwing of waste or garbage)
  • The exploitation of natural resources (overuse of natural resources like trees and fossil fuels)

Effects of Pollution:

  • Rise in green house gases, global warming (the overall rise in the temperature of earth)
  • Acid rain ( rain from polluted gases mixed with clouds)
  • Aquatic and marine life threatened (water and sea life in danger)

Global Warming (effects)

  • Greenhouse effect (effect due to increase in greenhouse gases like Co2, CFC etc)
  • Depletion of ozone layer (thinning of ozone layer)

Solutions Of Pollution:

  • Eco-friendly, bio-friendly products
  • Use of renewable energy like wind and solar energy
  • Recycle waste
  • Sustainable development (development without the depletion of natural resources)
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions



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