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September 09, 2021 24 people Latest news

Asta Achievers


  • To achieve something is to successfully do it after trying hard.
  • I was happy that I could achieve my goal.

Advise [edvaiz] v.

  • To advise someone is to tell them what to do.
  • My mother often advises people about their money.

Already( adv.)

  • If something happens already, it happens before a certain time.
  • It is already time for the movie to start. Let’s go in.

Basic [beisik] adj.

  • If something is basic, it is very simple or easy.
  • I learned some basic English skills in school today.

Bit [bit] n.

  • A bit is a small amount of something.
  • I ate a bit of chocolate before I went to bed.

Consider [kansidsr] v.

  • To consider something means to think about it.
  • Pete didn’t like his job. He considered getting a new one.

Destroy (v.)

  • To destroy means to damage something so badly that it cannot be used.
  • The glass was destroyed.

Entertain (v.)

  • To entertain someone is to do something that they enjoy.
  • The clown entertained the kids at the party.

Extra [ekstra] adj.

  • If something is extra, it is more than what is needed.
  • The squirrel had extra nuts for the winter.

Goal[goul] n.

  • A goal is something you work toward.
  • Her goal was to become a doctor.

Lie (v.)

  • To lie is to say or write something untrue to deceive someone.
  • Whenever Pinocchio lied to his father, his nose grew.

Meat (n.)

  • Meat is food made of animals.
  • This piece of meat I’m eating tastes very good.

Opinion (n.)

  • An opinion is thought about a person or a thing.
  • Sita told me her opinion of my story. She said it was not funny.

Real (adj.)

  • If something is real, it actually exists.
  • The handbag has a stamp on it, so it’s real.

Reflect (v.)

  • To reflect is when a surface sends back light, heat, sound, or an image.
  • Her face was reflected on the smooth glass.

Regard [rigard] v.

  • To regard someone or something is to think of them in a certain way.
  • The boy regarded the girl as a good friend.

Serve (v.)

  • To serve someone is to give them food or drinks.
  • He served us our drinks quickly.

Vegetable (n.)

  • A vegetable is a plant used as food.
  • Carrots are my favorite vegetable.

War (n.)

  • War is a big fight between two groups of people.
  • Many young men died in the war.

Worth (adj.)

  • If something is worth an amount of money, it costs that amount.
  • Our house is worth a lot of money.
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