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Ielts classes in Gurgoan

September 10, 2021 22 people Latest news

Asta Achievers

Appear [apiar] v.

  • To appear is to seem.
  • She appeared to be sad. She was crying.

Base [beis] n.

  1. The base is the bottom of something.
  • The base of the table has three legs.

Brain [brein] n.

  • The brain is the organ in your head that lets you think.
  • You must use your brain to solve the problem.

Career (n.)

  • A career is a job that you do for a large part of your life.
  • He was in the hospitality business for most of his career.

Clerk [klark] n.

  • A clerk is a type of worker. Clerks in a store help customers.
  • The clerk added up her bill for the groceries.

Effort ( n.)

  • Effort is hard work or an attempt to do something.
  • He always puts a lot of effort into his studies.

Enter [enter] v.

  • To enter a place is to go into it.
  • Two guards greeted me as I entered the front door.

Excellent (adj.)

  • When something is excellent, it is very good.
  • I got an excellent score on my school test.

Hero [hi:rou] n.

  • A hero is a brave person who does things to help others.
  • To children, the man in the blue and red costume was a real hero.

Hurry [hari]

  • To hurry is to do something quickly.
  • I hurried home on my bike.

Inform [inform] v.

  • To inform someone is to tell them about something.
  • I called and informed her about my idea.

Later [leita:r] adv.

  • Later means after the present, expected, or usual time.
  • She missed the train, so she’ll arrive a little later than expected.

Leave (v.)

  • To leave means to go away from someone or something.
  • He packed his bag and was ready to leave for home.

Locate [loukeit] v.

  • To locate something is to find it.
  • I could not locate my keys in the house.


  • A nurse is a person who helps sick people in the hospital.
  • A nurse helped me get better.

Operation (N.)

  • An operation is when a doctor replaces or removes something in the body.
  • The operation on my arm was a success.

Pain (N.)

  • Pain is the feeling that you have when you are hurt.
  • His head was full of pain.

Refuse (v.)

  • To refuse something is to say “ no” to it.
  • The dog refused to play with the cat.

Though (con).

  • Though is used when the second idea makes the first seem surprising.
  • Though he was overweight, he liked to be active.

Various (adj.)

  • If something is various, there are many types of it.
  • She owned shoes of various styles.

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