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IELTS coaching institute in DLF phase 1

October 07, 2021 27 people Latest news

Asta Achievers

Vocab daily use day 22


  • Actual means that something is real or true.
  • This is the actual sword that the King owned, not a fake one.


  • To amaze someone is to surprise them very much.
  • The news in the paper amazed Jack.

Charge (N.)

  • A charge is the price to pay for something.
  • The charge for the shirts was $15.00.

Comfort [kamfart] v.

  • To comfort someone means to make them feel better. –
  • IwantedtocomfortmyfriendafterIheardthebadnews.

Contact [kantaekt] v.

  • To contact someone is to speak or write to them.
  • I contacted Sue about my party.

Customer [kastamar] n.

  • A customer is a person who buys something at a store.
  • The customer put a few items in a bag.

Deliver [dili'var] v.

  • To deliver something is to take it from one place to another.
  • The man delivered Chinese food to my house.


  • To earn means to get money for the work you do.
  • He earns his living as a chef in a great restaurant.

Gate [geit] n.

  • A gate is a type of door. Gates are usually made of metal or wood.
  • We want to put up a wooden gate around our house.

Include [inklu:d] v.

  • To include something means to have it as part of a group.
  • Does this meal include a soft drink?


  • To manage something means to control or be in charge of it.
  • I had to manage the meeting myself.

Mystery [misteri] n.

  • A mystery is something that is difficult to understand or explain.
  • The path on the map was a complete mystery to me.


  • To occur means to happen.
  • When did the thunderstorm occur?

Opposite (N.)

  • If A is the opposite of B, A is completely different from B.
  • The opposite of black is white.

Plate (N.)

  • A plate is a flat round thing that you put food on.
  • I put my plate down so I could put some food on it.


  • To receive something is to get it.
  • I received a present on my birthday.

Reward [riwoird] n.

  • A reward is something given in exchange for good behavior or work.
  • He was given a reward for his excellent performance.


  • To set something is to put it somewhere.
  • Please set the dice down on the table.


  • To steal is to take something that is not yours.
  • The men tried to steal money from the bank.

Thief (N.)

  • A thief is someone who quietly takes things that do not belong to them.
  • A thief broke into our home and took my mother's jewelry.

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