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Daily use vocab (Day 23):


  • To advance is to go forward.
  • He advanced up the ladder slowly.

Athlete (N.)

  • An athlete is a person who plays sports.
  • Some athletes can play many sports very well.

Average (Adj.)

  • If something is average, it is at a normal level.
  • I’m not rich or poor; I’m average.

Behavior [biheivjar] n.

  • Your behavior is the way you act.
  • Their behavior was good this semester. They didn’t cause trouble.

Behind [bihaind] prep.

  • Behind means to be at the back of something.
  • The little girl was hiding behind a tree.

Course (N.)

  • A course is a class in school.
  • I took a P.E. course in school this year.

Lower [louar] v.

  • To lower something is to make it go down.
  • The chart shows how his production has lowered over the year.

Match (v.)

  • To match is to be the same or similar.
  • The two shoes matched. They looked the same.

Member [member] n.

  • A member is a person who is part of a group.
  • Julie is the newest member of our team.

Mental [mentl] adj.

  • If something is mental, it has to do with your mind.
  • I made a mental picture of the room.

Passenger (N.)

  • A passenger is a person who rides in a car, train, or airplane.
  • One passenger was standing in the subway train.

Personality [pairsanaelati] n.

  • Your personality is what you are like and how you behave.
  • John has a bad personality.

Poem [pouim] n.

  • A poem is a short kind of writing.
  • William Shakespeare wrote many poems.

Pole [poul] n.

  • A pole is a long thin stick made of wood or metal that supports things.
  • The flag was hanging from the flag pole.

Remove [rimu:v]

  • To remove something is to take it away.
  • I removed the nail from the board.


  • Safety means to be the condition of being safe and free from danger.
  • For his own safety, he was placed in a car seat.

Shoot (v.)

  • To shoot is to fire something like a bullet at someone or something.
  • The hunter raised his gun to shoot at the target.


  • To sound means to make a noise.
  • The alarm clock sounded and woke us all up.

Swim [swim] v.

  • To swim is to move through water.
  • I love to swim in the ocean.

Web [web] n.

  • A web is homemade by a spider.
  • Mom cleaned the spider webs out of the garage.

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