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October 18, 2021 33 people Latest news

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Daily Use vocab day 25

Associate (V.)

  • To associate means to connect something with a person or thing.
  • Most people associate birthday parties with having fun.

Environment (N.)

  • The environment is the place where people work or live.
  • Keeping our environment clean is important to our health.

Factory [faektari] n.

  • A factory is a building where things are made or put together.
  • We have only one factory in our town.

Feature (N.)

  • A feature is an important part of something.
  • The cell phone has many features.

Instance [instans] n.

  • An instance is an example of something.
  • I have never experienced an instance of hate. Have you?

Involve (v.)

  • To involve means to be actively taking part in something.
  • The whole family was involved in playing the game.

Medicine (N.)

  • Medicine is something you take to feel better or treat an illness.
  • The doctor gave me medicine for my cold.


  • A mix is different things put together.
  • The green mix we made in science class spilled onto the table.

Organize (V.)

  • To organize is to plan or get ready for an event.
  • Make a list to help you organize the things you need.

Period (N.)

  • A period is the amount of time when something happens.
  • In one period in Europe, there were many knights.

Populate (V.)

  • If people populate an area, they live there.
  • Billions ofpeople populate the Earth.

Produce (V.)

  • To produce something is to make or grow it.
  • This tree produces apples every year.

Range (N.)

  • A range is a number or a set of similar things.
  • I saw a range of cars to choose from.

Recognize [rekagnaiz] v

  • To recognize something is to know it because you have seen it before.
  • I recognized an old friend from many years ago.

Regular (Adj.)

  • If something is regular, it happens often and in equal amounts of time.
  • Our regular lunchtime is around noon.

Sign (N.)

  • A sign is a notice giving information, directions, a warning, etc.
  • The sign indicated that today would be a bad day.


  • A tip is a pointed end of something.
  • The tip of his pen was very sharp.

Tradition (N.)

  • A tradition is something people have been doing for a long time.
  • Marriage is a tradition all over the world.

Trash (N.)

  • Trash is waste material or unwanted or worthless things.
  • Please take out the trash; it smells bad.

Wide (adj.)

  • If something is wide, it is large from side to side.
  • The door was as wide as my arms.

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